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FitMentality promo with Bgirl Bonita


I recently had a chance to catch up with Bonita Lovett aka Bgirl Bonita (Rock Steady Crew). We were working on a project and she was nice enough to squeeze in an FM promo at the end of our video shoot.



We talked about how important fitness and nutrition is in life, including dance. She’s constantly on the run, teaching classes, performing, battling and overall sharing her love for hip hop and helping move the culture forward. She still takes the time to make sure she eats right and takes care of herself. A great example to follow because if SHE can take care of herself, and lives a non stop life, then we can surely find time to take care of ourselves.


Thank you so much helping out, Bonita.


Follow her on Twitter @BgirlBonita

And the winner issssss…


Man, it was tough figuring out who won the T shirt contest. With so many entries, I had to use a big hat to do the lottery format.


Congrats to Lucky Number Slevin for winning the T shirt! 


Keep on the lookout for the next contest. 

FitMentality Free Limited Edition T-Shirt Contest = Free stuff

I decided it was time for a nice little free T shirt give away. Therefore, let’s do it.

Here is the T shirt you may win!!! I have size SM,M,L and XL.

This contest is simple. Here are the rules:

  1. Leave a comment on THIS post and explain a change that you have made in your life that relates to fitness or nutrition that you have been able to keep consistent.
  2. Explain when you made the change.
  3. Explain how you made the change
  4. Explain how long it took you to keep the change consistent.
  5. Explain what your next step is to living a healthier life on a consistent basis.


  • You MUST address all five points. Less than all 5 answers will not count.
  • There will be ONE winner.
  • You get to choose your size of T shirt.
  • At this point, I can only ship within the United States. Yes, I will pay shipping.
The contest BEGINS March 27th 2012 12:00am and will END on March 29th 2012 at 12:00.

In order to claim your prize you MUST contact me at How will you know you won? I will write a post explaining who won. I will refer to you by whatever name you choose to go by on your response. We can work out the details through email once we have a winner.

Don’t worry about how drastic your change was. As long as you address all five points, you will be entered in the contest.

On March 29th at 12:00am, I will assign a chronological number according to when your comment was made. I’ll put the numbers in a hat. I will then draw a number from the hat. The number that gets picked will correspond to the winner!

Simple as that!

Good luck!!

Learning the euro burpee and bboy push ups!!!


Earlier I put up a post of my friend JayR doing euro burpees and euro jacks (silly terms for a dolphin dive and a back flip, as well as upside down jumping jack type movement while in a handstand.


When I saw JayR do the euro burpees, I said to myself “I want to do that someday.” Low and behold, as soon as I was able to land backflips consistently, I couldn’t wait to try a euro burpee myself. Sure enough, the first one I tried, I fell on my butt. Woops. Second one was a success, though! Check it out.


Also, I will be working on handstand push ups. I’ve done them in the past, and the results have been great, both in fitness appearance as well as physical ability. Here is an example of handstand push ups (as my bboy friends call them, bboy pushups) up against a wall. In the future, I will work on doing more reps, while against a wall. In the further future, I plan on being able to do handstand push ups, without needing the wall.

I know people who can do these movements many more times than I can. But, hey, I’m not worried about them. I’m pushing myself to grow in my own fitness capacity. I encourage you to do the same!!


Guidelines For Recovery After Exercise


Previously, I wrote about how important it is to plan, or at the very least, be aware of the foods you eat before exercise. This helps you understand how your nutrition prior to exercise will likely effect how you feel and perform in your activity. This is worth our attention because if we truly want to excel in whatever sport or activity we participate in, eating the right foods with correct timing will increase our chances of top performance.


Dancers, you listen up too!


Similarly, the timing and food that we choose to eat immediately after exercise is very important.


Why? I’ll tell you why, curious learner.


After intense exercise, recovery should be your biggest priority. The sooner you can recover form intense exercise, the sooner you can train at a high level. The more intense and efficient workouts you complete in a certain amount of time, the higher the probability that you will improve in performance at whatever it is you are training for. It’s pretty simple. If you ignore how long you wait to eat and what you eat, after a workout/practice/session, your body won’t recover as quickly as if you did pay attention and address these concerns.


As with a similar post, these ideas are inspired by research I have done, as well as a book called “The Paleo Diet for Athletes.”


Here are a few goals to keep in mind when planning our recovery from exercise.

  • Replace lost carbohydrate storage: We often hear how carbs are important for energy, and how athletes need to make sure they eat enough carbs. This is a specific example of why carbs are important to athletes. After an extended period of intense exercise, our bodies use up much of the carb-based energy sources we had stored. Replacing these stores can be done the quickest by taking in food that is high on the glycemic load (a more realistic take on the idea of glycemic index). Foods such as potatoes, grains and rice are good for this purpose. Glucose is high in these foods, which is why it helps in quick recovery. In contrast, fructose, found in fruits, is release slowly into the blood stream over a longer period of time. These are important concepts when referring to weight loss, maintenance or gain, but for now let’s continue to focus on exercise recovery. Note: this is why recovery drinks typically have a good amount of sugar.
  • Rehydrate: This one is obvious. After exercise, we are dying for water. It’s hard to describe how good it feels when you can’t wait to get something to drink, and you finally get that ice cold water bottle or sports drink. Your body pretty much says “THANK YOU, it’s about time!!!” Depending on factors such as exertion, typer of exercise, weather, etc, you may have lost lots of liquid through sweating, so make sure you rehydrate real nice.
  • Replace amino acids: Amino what? Was somebody “mean” to someone?  Yes, that was a horrible joke that probably didn’t even make sense to most. “Mean” and a”min”o, sound the same, so I thought it would be funny if…oh, neverrrmindddd. Ok, focus, Isaac. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. During extended intense exercise, our bodies begin to break down protein structures for fuel, because our carb stores being to get depleted. Basically, we don’t want our bodies to break down muscle for energy! We want to stop that! This is why getting protein after exercise is important. Good sources of the type of amino acids that are most helpful at this point (BCAAs) are eggs, whey products, meats, seafood, etc. This is why whey protein shakes are so popular as recovery drinks for people who lift weights or participate in intense exercise.
  • Side note. Liquid is the easiest form for the body to ingest nutrients. This is why protein shakes or chocolate milk are often touted as beneficial recovery drinks. Depending on the type of shake you make or buy and most chocolate milk products, have the right combination/ratio of carbs to protein, which is optimal for post exercise recovery. If you’re keeping track, studies have shown that a good carb to protein ratio would be 4:1 or 5:1. As an example, a turkey sandwich would have about this type of carb to protein ratio.
  • Replacing electrolytes: These are salts that can be found within our cells or in extracellular fluids such as blood. Electrolytes are important because they play an important role in conducting an electric current that contracts and relaxes our muscles as well as maintaining levels of fluids in our body. Juices and fruits are an easy way to replace almost all electrolytes. However, sodium is not found in high enough quantity in fruits and juices to adequately replenish, therefore a bit of sea salt with your recovery nutrition might help. HOWEVER, keep in mind, significant electrolyte loss is rarely a problem, unless your event lasted hours or you exercised for an extended period of time in a high temperature environment. This doesn’t mean if you walked on a treadmill for twenty minutes while talking to your friend on the phone, that you can go home and pile on the salt.


Ultimately, it is up to you, the reader, to do your research. Figure out how you would like to apply these ideas to your own body and training regimen. I won’t sit here and tell you how much of what you need to eat and exactly what to do. I am simply sharing concepts that have caught my eye and I have tried, myself, that seem to work well. New research is being done all of the time, and studies often find contrasting bits of information. It is up to us to figure out what makes sense to us, and what information we would like to follow. After all, as I have suggested before, it’s always a good idea to slow down and re-evaluate how our plan is working, from time to time.


Cordain, Loren, and Joel Friel. The Paleo Diet for Athletes. USA, 2005. Print.


Let’s Help FitMentality Grow

From time to time I it’s important to thank everyone who has supported FitMentality. Thank you very much for those that have read posts, contributed to ideas, asked questions and engaged in conversation with me over the topics I have written about. 


It feels really good to know that people really do care about the material on FM. I live the lifestyle I write about and it’s inspiring to share stories and ideas with others who do the same. It’s also inspiring to see people start to make changes, even if they are little changes, to move towards a stronger and healthier life.


I’ve noticed that FitMentality has started to get a few readers from around the world. That is AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing this journey with myself and the FM community.


This is my call out to all supporters of FitMentality to share with the world around them. The more people we can attract to our journey, the more we all benefit. Share the website or your favorites posts on facebook! Tweet your favorite article. Tell your family member or friend about this site, that you think would really benefit form it. In the future I’ll have more clothing so we can all represent this lifestyle.


I don’t see this as a plead or shameless plug. I see this as an honest, down to earth belief that the more people we can get to join us on our path to a healthier life, the better all of our lives will get. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Let’s keep pushing forward.




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