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How do I stay motivated while injured or sick?


Unfortunately, this is a situation we have all been through. You know it, too. You’re doing really well in the gym; your’e reaching your goals and are proud of your consistency. Then, out of nowhere, you get a random injury. Or, you finally got consistent on your runs. You set a good schedule of where/when/how often to run. Then, BAM, you get sick, and it takes weeks to get back into any sort of fitness routine. There are so many things that can happen that can keep us from reaching or staying consistent with our fitness goals, that it can feel overwhelming at times. Well, my reader friend, though I have no simple solution, I offer words of encouragement and things to think about, should we find ourselves in this situation.

I know what it’s like. You worked so hard to get to where you are, and suddenly, it feels like it has all been taken away. It’s easy, and natural, to feel frustration, or even anger. Go ahead and feel frustrated. Feel free to get mad, like this, grrrrr. However, once you have given your feelings a chance to be heard and addressed, it’s time to start getting positive. Dwelling on the “grrrr” and “aw man, poor meeee” doesn’t help. It may even prolong the recovery process! It’s amazing how much of an impact our thoughts have on our physical body.

“Okay, I’m convinced that how I think has a big impact, both positive and negative. But, I’m down for the count for a while, what do I do?”

  • Use this down time to evaluate your situation. What could you have done to avoid this? Did you skip a proper warm up, before going in to your workout? Did you allow enough rest between workouts? Are you over training? Has your nutrition started to slip? What kind of dietary adjustments can help you stay healthy? Are you getting as much sleep as your body requires? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, where can you go to get more information?
  • How do you best treat your current situation? If you have a certain injury, how do you best treat it? If you had a medical procedure, are you following your doctor’s instructions for quickest recovery? If you’re sick, are you eating the right foods to help you bounce back? Are you sleeping/resting enough? Are you drinking enough liquids?
  • Can you stay active in a way that is safe for your current situation? Are you probably better enough to be able to slowly get back into it? (if you’re too sick, continue to rest). Does your injury allow for adjusted exercise routines that allow you to keep some sort of continuity with your routine? Do low impact exercises like swimming or riding a bike make sense for your type of injury?

Doing the best you can to honestly answer the previous questions, can be greatly beneficial. We may not be able to do everything listed, but we can usually do SOMETHING.  Thinking about these questions keeps you from taking a passive role in your recovery. Take control!

Use this time for planning and motivation.

What will your exercise plan look like when you get back in the game? Figure out your workout, even if it feels to be a ways away. What type of exercise will you do? How often? Where? How will you know you are ready to start up again?

Think about how it feels to be forced to take time away from being active. Think about how much fun it is to be active. Think about how great it feels after an intense exercise session. Think about what it feels like when you are in the swing of things. Picture yourself doing the activities you love to do and use it as fuel to do everything in your power to get better as soon as possible.

Doing these things may not seem like much, but they can make a big difference. Stay positive and plan ahead. You’ll be back on track before you know it.

Excuses = Worthless


Inspiration comes from many places. From people, situations, magazines, books, conversations etc. That’s the beauty of it. We may be inspired when we least expect it.

I am inspired by others who make fitness/wellness a priority, amongst a busy life. Recently, I experienced inspiration greater than I have in some time. While working out in the gym at my complex, I noticed a mother with her newborn was also exercising. She had her, what must have been, just a couple month old baby in a stroller with her, WHILE SHE WORKED OUT!! Before anyone freaks out about safety for the baby, let me assure you, everything was perfectly okay. The baby was tucked away, safely and warmly in the carriage. While the mom worked out on the stationary bike, she would rock the baby back and forth, talk to it, and generally spend time with her newborn. She also put in some time at different locations in the gym, working on different exercises. All the while, taking the carriage with her and paying close attention to the baby.

Let’s take a moment and realize how amazing this is. Here we have a woman who, just a few weeks/months ago went through a life changing (physically and emotionally)  event and STILL remained focused on her own wellness/fitness. Many new parents (and, rightly so) let their own personal fitness/wellness faultier a bit, while caring for their newborn. This is not to blame new parents, at all. I haven’t been through it, and I don’t claim to know what it’s like. The long nights, the new responsibility and worry, are completely understandable life changes that would cause one to let their exercise focus slip away. HOWEVER, the example of someone showing that they were able to find a way, is something we can all learn from.

I don’t know how often this particular mother exercises or how often she takes her baby with her, but by the looks of it, she has worked this into somewhat of a routine. She took a situation that makes it very difficult to continue with one’s own fitness, and made it work. She knows that the stronger and healthier she is, the better she will be able to care for her baby.

Though our situations may not be exactly like hers, we can gain inspiration by her commitment. She found a way to make it work; we can to. Maybe we work long hours and are tired after work. Maybe we are involved in may different projects. Maybe we have lost motivation through life events. Maybe our health isn’t as strong as before and we haven’t found the strength to begin again. Whatever your situation may be, know that others have found ways to make it work; so can you.

“Why does this dude keep writing about moms?” 

Haha, yes, I have written about mothers a few times in the recent past, but I don’t plan where inspiration comes from. I just happened to come across inspirational examples of life/fitness balance, and wanted to write about it. That’s what FitMentality is all about. I share what inspires me, what has worked for me, and provide a place for us to come together and exchange the same.

What inspirational examples have you come across? Comment on this article and share!

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