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Should I Take the Stairs? Yes. Yes you should.



It happens to all of us. We need to go up a floor or two and we ask ourselves “Should I take the stairs?” My friend, I am here to make this decisions easier for you. The answer is “Yes.” Maybe not every time. But most of the time. 

We hear it all the time. We know that taking the stairs is healthy for us. We hear family members, co workers and friends proudly explain that they just took the stairs. As well they should be. Not taking the easy way out of a situation because you know it will benefit your health is commendable. 

The reason I single out something like taking the stairs is because I want to highlight how seemingly simple tasks have multiple positive effects on our body.

We have all been taught time and time again, that muscle responds to exercise by becoming stronger. What is easy to forget, is that bone is the same way. It is living tissue that responds to exercise by also becoming stronger. When comparing those who exercise regularly and those who don’t, those who do exercise regularly usually have greater maximal bone density and strength than those who don’t. Exercise plays a big role in maintaining muscle strength, balance and coordination. The older one gets, the more important this becomes, as it helps prevent falls and fractures. This is also an example of why staying active as we age becomes increasingly important.

What are the best kinds of exercise to strengthen our bones? Why, weight baring exercises of course! This is because this type of exercise forces our muscles to work against gravity, causing them to strengthen. Climbing stairs is an example of a weight baring exercise; along with strength training, jogging/running, dancing etc. Think about it. Something as simple as taking the stairs every time you go to work, or go shopping, or to your apartment complex, can add up to some serious benefits for your health and well being!

Hopefully, with this example, we are encouraged to think about other things we know we should probably take more seriously.” The more we think about WHY certain health or fitness tips are good for us, the more likely we are to incorporate them into our lives. The more healthy habits we incorporate into our lives, the better lives we lead. Who doesn’t want a better life?!

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