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Inspiration hits at random times. We’ll see someone do something amazing. We’ll hear a song that really hits home . We might hear a story that that reminds us why we have the goals we have. After this inspiring moment, we’re nice and fired up to go on and reach whatever goal is related to this moment.

What happens next? Life goes on. We get busy. We get distracted. Our inspiration fades. It’s completely understandable. It happens to all of us.

The issue is; if you have personal goals that you only make progress on when you randomly get inspired, then you probably aren’t being as efficient as you could be. Goals take commitment and sometimes we need to work towards them even if we aren’t 100% inspired every second of every day. However, there is nothing wrong with benefiting from a little inspiration here and there.

Actively seek inspiration. Make it a point to surround yourself, or at the very least, be around inspiration when possible. If you don’t know what inspires you, take a closer look at your life. When have you been inspired? Who inspired you? What inspired you? Once you have the answers to these questions, actively seek out those sources. Was it a conversation you had with someone? Was it an event you participated in? Was it a movie you saw? Inspiration comes from many places. It doesn’t matter as much where the inspiration came from, but more so what positivity came from it.

In terms of fitness, I have a few sources I continually look to for inspiration. For a while now, Men’s Health Magazine has been a source of fitness inspiration. The stories. The articles based on research and conversation with professionals in the field. The exercise examples. The recipes. I love getting the magazine in the mail. Recently, the iPad magazine version is awesome too! Also, I have a few close friends who work in the fitness field. They inspire me in aspects of strength training as well as nutrition. And how could I forget? The training sequence in Rocky IV! How could I not get pumped up after watching a man somehow climb a whole mountain with no climbing gear, and do it before sun down?!

Sometimes fitness can be an out of sight/out of mind thing. We see someone eating what seems to be healthy food, and we say to ourselves “I need to eat better.” Or, you see a mom running with her baby in the stroller and you think “If SHE can do it, so can I!” Both thoughts are good! Keep that inspiration going. When it runs out and you feel yourself losing steam, seek out sources of inspiration you know work for you.

If losing weight is a goal, or if building muscle is a goal, don’t be afraid of taking some progress pictures. You’ve seen them before. You maybe even snickered when you saw a mirror picture of someone with their shirt off or in a tank top/sports bra. The reason why this can be helpful, is that seeing progress on yourself is very inspiring. Seeing the fruits of the hard work and dedication really helps keep you motivated to continue to push in your fitness. Try it. You don’t have to put those pictures all over facebook, twitter and instagram. Just take one every few weeks and see how the hard work pays off.


Regardless what it is. Pursue your inspiration.


What inspires you to stay on the fitness journey? What gets you fired up to keep up this lifestyle?

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