I would like to clarify a few things about this site.

I understand that not everyone can (or wants to) follow the advice or information I share. When I encourage readers to try foods,  or to think about certain meals, I understand not everyone has the resources to do so. When I share a work out routine, I understand not everyone will want to or be able to do exactly that. The intention of this website would never be to assume that we are all in the same situation and that we all want to follow every piece of advice religiously.

Just so there is no confusion, I always advocate for change that is appropriate for the specific reader. Only the reader knows what changes or adjustments can be made in their life. I would never pretend to know their specific situation, because I don’t.

I will use two examples to help me further clarify.

For someone who is struggling to pay their bills and support their family I would not lecture about only buying grass fed beef and that everything they buy needs to be organic. That may not be feasible at the moment. What I would encourage, if they had not tried this yet, would be to just buy one more piece of fruit or vegetable for their family meals that week. Just one. Just one little small change that would be possible. Depending on the situation in the future, maybe more change can be made. If not, that is okay. Obviously, survival is much more important than worrying about things far beyond the current situation’s options.

If a reader had the resources to adjust their nutrition in a bigger way, I would encourage them to take a serious look about making multiple adjustments over the long run. I would encourage them to take a look at their expenses and maybe reevaluate their priorities about how they treat their body. In this situation, maybe it would make sense to pay closer attention to how their food was produced and where it came from. Maybe considering organic foods on a more consistent scale may be worth looking into, maybe not.

Maybe someone has physical limitations to where they can’t closely follow the workout ideas I post. That is not a problem at all.

Not every post will apply to every reader. This is understood and that is okay. I can’t always apply everything I learn about, to my life, right then and there, either. However, what I would like readers to take away form this is the importance of the idea of committing to looking at their specific situation and figuring out for themselves what changes they can make and how to keep them consistent. Everyone CAN make a change, even if it’s very small.

In conclusion:

FitMentality is simply about sharing a passion for fitness and nutrition and encouraging readers to take control of their own wellness.

I love this stuff so much that I get a little excited about the material sometimes. I just wanted to write a

little preface type thing to clarify the purpose of this website.

Thank you so much

for checking out



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Erik Jordan says:

    keep the posts coming Isaac! Diggin the hard work!!

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