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Green Smoothies, YAY!


I love green smoothies. I am not afraid to share it with the world. I LOVE GREEN SMOOTHIES!! If I had a chance to yell it from the front of a big boat, like in Titanic, I would.


Dramatic? Yes. But with good reason. The nutrition you can get from a batch of a green smoothie (or any smoothie, for that matter) is amazing. Assuming there are good ingredients used, of course. Being able to blend a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables  into one, easy to transport, easy to consume drink, is awesome. I often make a pitcher’s worth of smoothie the night before or the morning of the work day, and take a big transportable container full of it. This way I can add to my lunch as well as snacks throughout the day, with great veggie and fruit nutrients.


These types of smoothies are also great because sometimes it can be difficult to continually prepare fruits and veggies to eat throughout the week. Let’s face it, sometimes we can get lazy to put in the time to eat better. I know this is the case because I have experienced it, and I have talked to many who this happens to often. Putting in a little time to make a batch of smoothie and then having quick access to great nutrition is a great way to improve one’s health.


I recently spoke to and made new friends while tailgating at the 49ers vs Saints payoff game on Sat Jan 14th 2012. I handed out free samples of this smoothie to provide a nice nutritious boost to the day as well as promote FitMentality. If you are checking out FM from speaking at the game or if I gave you my card, WELCOME!!!


Let’s get to the ingredients and how to prepare the smoothie. It’s very simple, really. Also, this happens to be what I have been doing lately. I do change the recipe from time to time, and you are welcome to add or subtract any ingredients you would like. Keep in mind that adding fruits helps balance out the flavor a bit. Blending only the greens in the smoothie may make the taste a little less inviting. However, whatever works for you, is the way to go.



2 Apples

2 Oranges

1 Banana




2 Tbsp ground flaxseed


I like to fill half of the blender container with greens and the other half with fruit. Therefore,  I cut the leaves off of the kale and chard and combine with spinach to fill about half, or a bit less, of the container. How much of each green is up to you. Core the apples and slice into about fourths or eights, to make it easier for the blender to it’s thing. Peel the oranges with a vegetable peeler and slice into smaller pieces before placing in the blender. Whey peel the oranges with a veggie peeler and now how we are used to eating oranges? Here is why! Peel the banana and add. Add the two tablespoons of ground flaxseed.



Fill about half the blender with water and blend that bad boy up! I have found that my BlendTec blender does this very well. I also hear that VitaMix blenders do a good job. However, these aren’t the only blenders that get the job done. Give your blender a try!



Yum yum YUUUUMMM!!! Did you try this after reading this post? Do you have other green smoothie recipes you like to try? Leave a comment to share with other FM readers!

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