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Don’t like doing push ups?



Think about how T-Rex feels!  : /





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He couldn’t even do push ups if he wanted to!!!


I think we all owe it to T-rex’s everywhere, to master the push up. If not for ourselves, for them.


You might be thinking to yourself: Why would I want to do push ups? Those aren’t for me.


I’ll explain why Push Ups are so awesome.

  • They can be done anywhere. ANYWHERE!!! Even in the shower. If you do try that, don’t hold me responsible for booboos that may follow.
  • They don’t require any special equipment.
  • They can be adjusted to someone who is working out for the first time all the way to an experienced athlete or fitness professional.


Push ups work your chest, back, shoulders, arms and core (consisting of more than just your abs), all with just one exercise! Now that is a whole bunch of birds with one stone. That’s kind of a violent metaphor. How about, multiple birds with a rubber bouncy ball that slightly felt like a discomfort to the birds, but didn’t hurt them like a ROCK would. This exercise is known as a compound exercise. Meaning it works multiple muscle groups at the same time. This requires you to work harder, which is a good thing, because these types of exercises make your body more efficient at burning calories. Just 15 minutes of strength training can help you burn more calories while resting for up to 3 days !!! (according to a study in the European Journal of Physiology). Push ups can play an important role in this.


For an example of how to do a proper push up, here is  a video example. The legs are a bit wider in this example, but you can keep them closer together as well, like we are used to seeing them during this exercise. Don’t judge the dude in the video, he just doesn’t have any skin. Skin was so 2000’s.



If you don’t already do push ups, try em out! If you have forgotten about them, this is a nice reminder to work them back into your routine.


For more variations on push ups, stay tuned….tun tun TUNNNN!!!! (scary/mysterious/curious movie sound!!!!)))) Maybe even lightning sounds toooo!!! Man this post ending is getting hype.


Wait, let me try again.


For more variations on push ups, stay tunedddddd…(click on the video below as soon as you read the previous sentence for the full effect).


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