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Eating between practice and going out

Here’s another example of keeping control over the food I eat, even if it’s a busy night.

We had practice from 7-10 or so, and we also were heading over to a dancer’s club event called “Classic Thursdays.” Basically, it was dancing and then more dancing. I knew I would be hungry between practice and the event and I knew I didn’t want to have to get fast food.

So what did I do?!

Prepared and took my own food of course!

Apple with almond butter, peeled orange, pretzel sticks (treat 😉 ) and coconut water (to help with rehydration and replacing electrolytes after practice)


It took a few minutes to prepare and was a very satisfying meal during a busy night.

Just because you live a busy life, dancer or not, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to eat right.

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