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Why is water good for you? Pt.1


Water is pretty much the most awesome thing in the world. It does so much for our bodies that we should take time out of our day to say thank  you, for all it has done for us. I’ll take this moment to do so, myself.

Can I get everyone’s attention please?

No, food. Sit down, this post isn’t about you. It’s about water, don’t be such a glory hog, food.

I just want to say, thank you, water, for keeping our bodies healthy and allowing them to do what they need to do so that we may enjoy our lives. Your friend, Isaac.

There. It feels nice to be appreciated for all that you do. Water is no different. It has feelings too.

We know that water is good for us. But, WHY is it good for us? What are the specifics? How does it affect our daily lives? I’ll explain in an easy to understand way, without boring everyone to death.

  • Our bodies are made up of mostly water. About 60% of our body weight is water! It regulates body temperature and is also necessary for our body to do what it needs to do.
  •   During the day as you breathe, digest and sweat, you lose water. Water is like, yo, you just breathed/digested/sweated, peace out. For this reason, it’s important to continue to drink fluids throughout the day as well as eating foods that contain a good amount of water.
  • Water helps with the digestion process. It allows for minerals and vitamins from your food to be more readily available for your body to use. Think about it. If you don’t drink very much water, or take in an adequate amount of fluids, you aren’t getting as much of the nutritional content out of your food as you could! When we pay for something, we want to use it for all it’s worth! Therefore, to make sure you are getting your money’s worth out of nutritional content of your food, drink more water!
  • On the flip side, our body is constantly getting rid of the stuff it doesn’t need/want. Drinking fluids helps our bodies kick out waste through sweating, poop pooping and wee weeing. You laugh now, but “poop pooping” and “wee weeing” are scientific terms they teach in medical school (no they don’t). Also, staying well hydrated helps digestion in general. It helps things keep moving along our intestines as they should.
  • Water keeps us from getting dehydrated. We’ve all been there before. We didn’t get enough fluids that day and we start to feel allll bad! Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, light headed feeling, among other things.

Ok, but how MUCH water am I supposed to drink every day?

A good question, my esteemed FM reader. That’s a difficult question to give an exact answer to because a good answer depends on many factors. How active are you? Do you live in a humid/hot climate area? Do you have any health problems that may require more or less liquids? (check with your doctor if this is the case). For most people, the common rule we have all heard is the “8×8” rule. Drink 8-8oz glasses of liquids a day. This isn’t necessarily a scientifically proven number, it’s just easy to remember. The main thing to take away is, drink lots of liquids throughout the day, mostly water. Water helps your body work how it should, which, in turn, makes us feel great. Who doesn’t want to feel great?

Wait, wait, I heard you can drink too much water! What’s up with THAT?

Fair question. Drinking too much water can lead to a condition called hyponatremia.


It means you drank too much liquid for your kidneys to be able to handle at one time and your body goes “C’MON MAN, OUCH!!!”

However, don’t worry too much about this one. Now, I’m not a doctor and I am very careful when referring to medical conditions. What I can say is that, while doing a good amount of research, it seems that the only time this is a problem is when you drink WAYYYYY too much water in a very short amount of time. This doesn’t mean you should be scared you drank too much water throughout the day. Again, if you have a specific medical condition that would require attention to this, please check with a doctor. But for the most of us, healthy individuals, drinking too much water is not something to concern yourself with. The last thing we want is for people to be so cared of drinking too much water (which is so rare, it would be difficult to even do it on purpose) that they end up not drinking enough water that their body needs.

I keep switching back and forth between “water” and “fluids” because the total amount of liquids your body needs can come from different sources. However, water is calorie free and easy to access (for most of us). Yes, there is water in soda and juice and high sugar beverages, but that shouldn’t be a focus when increasing fluid intake. The point is to HELP your body, not hurt it.

Water = YUM AND STUFF!!!!

My advice is, have water with you throughout your entire day. Often, if we only drink when we are thirsty, it’s not quite as much liquids as our bodies would like in order to function at their best. So, keep some water with you through out the day and take a sip often. Many people know they should drink more water but they just forget or get too busy to think about it.

Time to turn that around.

Just make it a habit. Every little while, take a drink. Even if you are on the go or in a meeting, you can take a container of liquid with you.

You body will thank you. How will it thank you? By not failing at life. That’s the best “thank you” possible.

This is a 2 part series. Part 2 will be about ideas of how to get more water/liquid into your diet, if plain water feels a bit boring at times.

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