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Inspiration Refill

Take a second, and think about the things that inspire you. Is it a certain song? A certain band? Going to an art exhibit? Talking to a certain someone? A certain movie?

Inspiration is a hot word in popular media. Let’s take a second and consider what it means to be inspired. Inspiration refers to feeling mentally stimulated to pursue action or feeling, often attributed to artistic expression. The funny thing about inspiration is that we can’t choose what inspires us. We can try things that have inspired others, but we can’t MAKE something inspire us. The magic and beauty of inspiration, is that it just happens. It’s unexpected. You experience something, and BOOM, you feel energized. Sometimes you feel energized to take specific action, other times you might feel energized to do SOMETHING but you don’t know exactly what. It’s a special occurrence.

Life get’s busy. School. Work. A relationship. Family. We all have many pieces of our lives that require attention. Some we choose, others we don’t. That’s how life is, and it’s completely understandable. However, if we aren’t careful, we slowly stop to be a part of the things that inspire us. We leave that instrument untouched for days, months, years. We realize we haven’t picked up a paint brush for years, etc.

Ever since my first live concert, a Beatles impersonation/cover band, I knew live music was special to me. I remember leaving the show, completely blown away. Years later, at my first concert with my friends, on our own, I remember feeling the same thing. The music was loud and energetic. The crowd was yelling each lyric back at the band. The band soaked up that energy, and reflected it back to the crowd. I couldn’t put into words how it made me feel. Throughout college, friends and I would routinely drive an hour or two, for a show, and come right back on the same night. As time passed, as I continued to grad school and as I started my career, I stopped going to as many concerts. Months started to pass by. Next thing I knew, I couldn’t remember when I had last been to a show! I realized I needed to specifically make an effort to go to a concert I wanted to go to, even if it was a bit inconvenient.

I now go to shows more consistently than I did during my concert hiatus. I am no less busy now than I was, but I am reminded that every time I go to a concert/show of bands I love, I almost can’t contain the inspiration/energy I feel. I feel inspiration to apply myself to MY creative outlets; my brand, music, fitness. I have made it a point to continue this inspirational source. I can’t always make it to every show I want to go to, but I’ve realized that the effort it takes to involve myself with these shows is worth it.

The purpose for this post is to remind us that sometimes inspiration has to be pursued. Most of the time, if not always, we are glad we put in the effort to get that refill.

What inspirational sources do you keep consistent? What inspiration have you let slip over the years? What are your plans to pursue inspiration again?


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