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It’s easy for him/her to stay in shape because they have a fast metabolism


You hear this type of excuse often. In fact, you wouldn’t have to talk to too many people before hearing someone give that excuse. They will say that everything is easier for everyone else, compared to them.


“She is skinny because she must have a high metabolism.”

“Look at what you can eat and it doesn’t affect you like it affects me.”

“It’s easy for him to work out because he works out all the time.”

“I don’t have a six pack because I’m big boned.”


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Be honest with yourself. Have you ever thought it must be easier for someone else because they seemed to be successful at the goals they have set and worked very hard to reach? The answer is probably, yes. It’s natural for us to make excuses or to justify why someone seems to have reached a goal we have trouble even beginning to strive for. It’s okay to have human feelings, cause’, duh, we’re human.






HOWEVER, my good reader. It is NOT too much to ask to be aware of the feelings and thoughts that we have, and to stop ourselves once it becomes more than a natural reaction and becomes a straight up excuse that we allow to continue.


Allow me to elaborate.


Thoughts on:


That person who we may figure is just in good shape because they have good genes or they have a high metabolism.

  1.  Yes, genes can play a big role in physical performance and how our bodies look. But, guess what? You have no idea what your potential is until you actually make serious adjustments for a consistent period of time. Even if you made changes and still didn’t see much different, that’s not the end of the world either. You just make tweaks to your routine to find out what works best for your body. What works for one, may not work for another.
  2.  You’re right, maybe that person you are trying to bring down in your head does have a high metabolism. Guess what? That’s because they actually get up off the couch and run and jump and dance and lift and climb and walk and who knows what else. Yes, their metabolism is high because they MAKE it that way! It didn’t just happen! They eat a certain way along with staying active that makes this situation true.


The idea that it’s easier for that girl or guy to workout, in comparison for us. They are in good shape, so it must come easy to them.


  1. Wrong again, my friend. The reason why this person got in the good shape that they are in, is because they continually adjusted their routine to get tougher as what they did before got easier. You don’t make gains in your fitness routine by doing the same thing forever. That person who you may think this comes easy to; continually makes changes that make their workout just as tough or tougher than before! They are continually challenging themselves! It is not easier now than it was before. There will always be a challenge, because that’s how it should be. Yes, if you are an experienced worker-outer (I believe that is a scientific term) then it would be easier to get through a beginner’s routine. But, that’s an irrelevant point. You should be following a routine that is appropriate for your specific level.  Whether it be a beginner’s routine because you just made the commitment to live a more fit life, or you are a high level athlete still tweaking the routine to allow for physical growth. Workouts should never be easy. They should always be challenging.
  2. Once you make workouts a routine part of your life, yes, it is easier to stick to than when you are starting out. However, it took work to get to that point of consistency.




When you catch yourself making excuses, realize why you are doing so. Stop. Begin to bring the focus back on yourself and figure out how in the world you are going to make yourself the one that everyone makes excuses about.


Take accountability. It’s up to you. It’s your life. No one will be a bigger advocate for you, than you.

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