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I am so thankful



Before every workout I do the sign of the cross. Every time I finish a work out, before I walk out of the place I am exercising, again, I do the sign of the cross.


No, this isn’t about me pushing religion on the reader.


My reason for explaining this is to share how appreciative I am of the gift of being able to participate in fitness. I am thankful that I get to do these things. I am so thankful that I get to push weight around, or jump up and down off the floor, or push as hard as I can through an intense interval workout.


One of the first posts for this website is called “I Love This”, and it’s all about how much I love fitness. Part of what makes me feel that anyone who is lucky enough to have the ability to be active should, in their own way, take advantage of that, is because I know what it’s like to not be able to be active. There was a period in college where I was sick for an extended period of time. It was a very difficult period. Also, during the begining of my master’s program, I had some heart problems that lasted for an extended period of time as well. These situations took the gift of fitness and being active, away from me. As I sat and tried the best I could to recover, I would daydream about being able to have the strength to exercise again. There was a point where I wondered for how long, or if I would ever be able to be as active as I was before. It sounds dramatic, but it was a very real concern. These two events, along with my already strong passion for fitness, made me all the more appreciative of this gift. As I slowly started to get better, I couldn’t have been more thankful. When I run, lift, dance, climb, walk up stairs, I am reminded of how important it is to not take it all for granted.


We are lucky we get to do this.


The feeling of knowing you left everything out on the floor or gym, is priceless. The self esteem and confidence that is reinforced through a tough workout is priceless because you know you just accomplished something very difficult. That feeling that you can take on any task, that you get after a workout, is translated into the rest of your life. When you know you can set yourself to consistently push yourself through fitness (whatever fitness plan that works for you), you take that self confidence with you into performing well at work, or in school, or other projects you are a part of. I mean, shoot, if you can push through an exercise while sweating and barely being able to breath, then surely you can give a few minutes presentation. Surely you can ace that test you have been studying for. Compared to the effort you put in during a tough workout, the rest of it all is easy peasy!


Woops, got a bit excited and went there with the easy peasy. You’ll have to excuse the cute analogy.


This applies to everyone. Everyone who gets up off the couch or from behind the desk, and gets out and gets moving. I don’t want the reader to think that since I talk about “workouts” or “lifting” that I’m ignoring other activities. Definitely not! Whether your form of exercise is cycling or hiking or running or swimming or playing sports or walking. It all applies!


Basically, all of life gets better when we consistently move our bodies around. This, my friends, is what it’s allllll about.


I’ve been sitting too long as I write this. I’m gonna’ go be active somewhere!


Errr, it’s late and I should go to sleep. But later tomorrow, THEN, I’ll go run around and enjoy the wellness!

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