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It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “how”

Does the following describe you? You are committed to making a change. You are convinced that you want exercise to be a bigger part of your life. You are starting to realize the positive changes that come about from eating a more balanced diet. If yes: I encourage you to focus on “how.”

Don’t say “I don’t know IF I can do this.” Say, “I will figure out HOW to do this.”

The information is clearly out there. There are a million recipes and lists of foods that are great to eat. There are a million work outs and exercises out there. There are studies and studies and studies about this and that and the other. There are TV shows and magazines and movies that refer to fitness and nutrition. It can all feel overwhelming. The trick is to find out what works for you. I am here to try and simplify this process. I will share what has worked for me, as well as ideas that will hopefully work for you.

This is a constant learning process. The information out there can feel like it’s a bit much and does take effort to wade through it all. However, what’s important is that we learn little by little and try the ideas that we think may work. We need to constantly be aware of what is and isn’t working for us, so that we can make the appropriate adjustments that are necessary for us to continue on this path.

This is a lifestyle. It takes time and effort. A lifestyle that can feel tough without the support of others. Maybe you are on this journey with close friends or family. Maybe you feel like you are the only one who cares about this. Regardless of your situation, you have a supportive community right here.

It’s important to motivate each other; to keep the fitness fire going. Sometimes we need motivation, sometimes we can’t help but share motivation with others. Either way, let’s help each other grow with this lifestyle.

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