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Think you can let your guard down because you shop at a health food store?

When I first started shopping at Whole Foods, I caught myself mistakenly following this thought process, “Hmm, I usually wouldn’t buy this, but I’m at WF and this has “all natural ingredients” so it’s okay to buy.” They have cookies, pop tart type things, cakes, sugary granola bars, pre packaged/frozen meals, pizzas etc. I took a step back and realized that just because I was at a “health food” store, did not mean I could eat anything just because of where I was.

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It sounds obvious, but when you catch yourself walking the isles at Whole Foods or Trader Joes and looking to buy food or products you normally wouldn’t buy, stop for a second. Remember, cookies are still cookies. Cake is still cake. Pizza is still pizza. Chips are still chips.

Now, some of these products may have better or more fresh ingredients than at other stores. Granted, the higher quality and less artificial ingredients in a meal, the better. This is true. But it does not give us a free pass to eat whatever we want, just because we bought it at Whole Foods. Sugar is sugar, to our bodies. Eating too many calories, regardless, will leave us fluffier than we would like.

Instead of falling into old habbits, educate yourself about cool food options you maybe haven’t tried before. Spend some time walking around the store and seeing what kind of fruits or veggies you haven’t tried before. Look at different products that you can incorporate into your diet.  Or, you can continue with similar foods or meals you already like, but with organic ingredients or less processed ingredients.I do not own this image. If you do and would like me to take it down, please let me know.

I do talk about Whole Foods and Trader Joes a lot, but that is because I like the choices they have. As I’ve written before, I go to different stores for different reasons. I don’t mean to imply that any one store is better than any other store. These are just the place I have been shopping at lately.

Before you go calling me a junk food hater (which I guess is true if you are talking about eating junk food constantly, haha) I am not against indulgences from time to time. I do think that if you are going to treat yourself, it is worth it to get a higher quality product.

Regardless where you are shopping, continue to think critically about the food you buy and how it affects the health of you and your family.

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