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FitMentality Podcast | Episode 2

The FitMentality podcast is up and running. Listen here!

This episode we welcome my good friend, Sham Sanghera, of Inspired Wellness. We chat about things to consider about when food is pasteurized, as well as why we choose to eat organic when we can.

Please enjoy, share, and comment to let us know what you think!



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Passion and Dedication Zip Up Hoodie

The idea and lifestyle behind the FitMentality brand was created before FM was even a brand. I started the website because I want to share and exchange with folks about the lifestyle of how keeping active and eating good food helps our lives as a whole. The idea that the ability to run and jump and dance and lift things up, is a GIFT. I wanted to share this on a bigger scale. Thus, from a small blog, FitMentality evolved into a brand. This brand, eventually, sprouted a clothing line, to represent and express this lifestyle and this way of thinking. To me, this is what truly makes this a lifestyle brand. I didn’t even know this would be an apparel line when I sat on my couch one night and decided to take the plunge into creating a website that would allow me to share my philosophy and enthusiasm for health and fitness with the world.

These sweaters are hot off the press. “Passion and Dedication” is written on the sleeve, because that is exactly what we feel for this lifestyle. Even though our path can be windy, that’s okay. We’re in it for the long haul.


Visit the online FM store at http://www.fitmentality.bigcartel.com.

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