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ANOTHER healthy pizza option?

Yes, my friend, another pizza option that isn’t as likely to make you have to stretch to another belt loop.

So, previously I wrote about how excited I was about the cauliflower crust pizza. It tasted so good, it got me thinking “hmm, what other kind of pizza variation can I make that would also tip on the “healthy” side of food.”

Enter, the portabella mushroom mini pizza. Simple. Easy. Tastes great. Again. What’s not to like?

There are so many variations to the recipes for this meal that I don’t feel like I stole it from any one source. Everyone has different opinions of how long to cook it and how to keep it from getting too watery. This is an example of a “see what works best for you” type thing. That’s half the fun of cooking. Adjusting the recipe to your specific liking!

Ingredients: Whatever you happen to like on your pizza! I chose the following:

Sliced Mushrooms

Organic Sliced Olives

Artichoke Hearts

Organic Goat Cheese

Pieces of Chicken

Organic spaghetti sauce

How much of each ingredient? It depends on how much of each ingredient fits on the size of portabella mushroom you bought. For me, it turned into a game of food jenga. I piled on what I could, without it all falling over.

Cut the stem off of the mushroom and place the mushroom on a cookie sheet into the preheated oven to 375 degrees gills/stem part facing down.  Cook the mushroom for about 5 minutes and take it out. Flip it over and put the sauce on the inside, just like the crust of a pizza. At this point, feel free to pile on whatever toppings you want to pile on. Place the cooking sheet back in the oven for another 20 or so minutes. Or, until the cheese gets golden brown. This is another example of the amount of time ranging. Just keep an eye on the pizza. When the cheese begins to get golden brown, take the sheet out and let cool for a few minutes. Now, EAT UP, PARTNER!!!

A couple notes. When I made this, the mushroom got a little watery throughout the baking process. Some people have commented that it’s a good idea to scrape out the gills before baking it. Others have said, you just need to bake it longer for the first portion of the baking process. I will need to mess with the process myself, to see what keeps the mushroom more dry.

For the most part, though, it’s a pretty simple and painless process. Try it out!!

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