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How to get rid of headaches

My best headache face. I might quit everything and become a headache model.

Headaches are not the cat’s pajamas. Headaches are not the bees knees. Headaches are poopie faces!!! They hurt, they are annoying and they make it difficult to get through the day. How are they caused and how do we get rid of them? I’ll share what I have learned and things I have tried. I am not trying to be doctor. I am not prescribing care. Just sharing information that may be helpful to know so that you can continue to do your own specific research.

Most headaches are caused by tight muscles in your neck/shoulder/jaw area. These types of headaches are often referred to as “tension headaches.” Many times tension headaches are caused when we are stressed about something, depressed or anxious. This make sense because these things can all lead to tight muscles  around our shoulder/neck/jaw area. Also, getting little sleep, working too much, and going a lot time without eating, can all contribute to getting an ouchy in your head. Tension headaches feel like pressure or a squeezing sensation in your head. They can start in the back of your head and move forward.

Sinus headaches are felt  in the front of your head and face. They are caused because the sinus passages behind your nose, eyes and cheeks become inflamed. When you lean forward, the pain can intensify.

Migraines are severe headaches that can bring with them trouble seeing, nausea, and sensitivity to light. You can feel a throbbing sensation, pounding or pulsating in your head.

Yes, we all know we can take medication to help with the pain. But, what if we don’t want to take pills? There are more natural remedies I have found and I would like to share them with my FM friends.

  • Often, headaches can come about from not drinking enough water/fluids throughout the day. Does your head hurt? Have you been drinking water today? No? Then drink up, partner!
  • A massage can be a big help. A massage on your scalp can be very relaxing and help relieve some times of headaches. Also, since tension headaches are caused by, well, tension, releasing that tension through a massage on your shoulders and neck can be a big help.
  • Taking a nice nap in a dark room can really help. Looking at your tv, computer screen or phone can make it worse. Turn everything off and take a nice nap!
  • Apply an ice pack or frozen packaged food (if you don’t have an ice pack) to the painful area in your head or base of the back of your neck. If you do use something frozen, wrap it in a paper towel or light towel.
  • Take a warm shower.
  • Try enlisting the help of pressure points. With your index and thumb finger, pinch the meaty area of your opposite hand between the index and thumb. Squeeze hard enough to where there is slight pain/discomfort for about 20 seconds. While doing this, breath in and out, slowly. Now, repeat on your other hand. Try this a few times with each hand. It may just work.

For specific treatment for specific types of headaches, check with your doctor. Also, if you have severe pain and/or headaches often, please see your doctor. Whenever something doesn’t seem right, or feels out of the ordinary, it’s always good to get checked out. These are just a few ideas to try for the occasional headache when we feel like it might not be necessary to see a doctor or to take any medication.

What remedies have worked for you? Leave a comment so we can try it too!

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