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Be successful

The term “success” is subjective. It can mean different things to different people. Success can be reaching a certain goal. It can be avoiding a certain outcome. It can be making a certain amount of money, or it can mean feeling a certain way. It doesn’t matter what other people’s literal representation of success looks like. What matters, is what success means to you.

Okay. Say you want to be successful at something; what do you do? How do you structure your path to success?

Here’s one strategy.

The book “The Secret Code of Success” by Noah St. John, proposes steps to follow, in order to make success more likely. I feel the same way about goal setting program and I wanted to share this with FM readers.

1. Set your goal/s

2.Take action towards your goal/s

3. Evaluate your progress

4. Evaluate your approach based on your evaluation

That’s it. Simple, right? I think so. The actual application of these steps, as you move towards a complex goal, can be difficult. The steps themselves? Not too bad.


1. Set your goal/s. This step is obvious. You need to be clear on what your goal is, before you reach it. Pay close attention, though. If you have a big goal, try to break it into smaller goals. Then, apply these 4 steps to your mini goals. Also, make sure your goal is measurable and specific. “Get in shape” is not very specific. How will you know when you met that goal? “Exercise three times a week” or “Eat vegetables with every meal this week” are more specific and measurable goals. You know exactly what needs to be done and will know exactly when you have completed it.

2. Take action towards your goal. This, too, sounds obvious. It’s so obvious, we often ignore this step. We can get so caught up in trying to make the perfect plan to build muscle, or lose weight, or eat healthier, that we forget to actually take steps towards our goal. I’ve written about this topic before. Just do SOMETHING related to your goal. Worry about the details later. It doesn’t matter which vegetables you choose, if you rarely eat vegetables and your goal is to eat more of them. Just pick a few and eat them! It doesn’t matter if your exercise plan is perfect, just pick a few exercise and do them safely. You can adjust your program later.

3. Evaluate your progress. This step is very important and can easily be overlooked. We can get sucked in to whatever routine we have, and forget to stop for a moment and see if what we are doing is working. Is it working well? Are you still making progress towards your goal? Do you need a different goal? Can you make adjustments that can help you reach your goal more efficiently 😉

4. Evaluate your approach based on your evaluationEvaluate evaluate evaluate. Yes, the same word came up multiple times in the same sentence. Why? I’ll tell you why. Evaluating your progress towards a goal is only helpful if you adjust your approach towards that goal, based on the previous evaluation. EVALUATION. Now I’ve typing it and saying it so many times in my head it’s started to sound like a funny word. EVAL-YOU-AY-TIONNN!!

Get a hold of yourself, Isaac.

Back to the fourth step. Maybe it’s time you start to up the intensity of the exercise routine. Maybe it’s time you start to add more fruits and veggies into your nutritional rotation. Whatever your goals may be, from time to time, it’s important to think about your progress, and how that progress can be continued or improved.

Think about a goal you have right now. Take a moment to think about each of these four steps and apply them to that specific goal. It doesn’t matter what your goal is about. It can be about fitness, nutrition, work, dance, a relationship. That’s what’s so cool about these steps. They can be applied to almost any goal.

Is this method flawless? No. However, I believe much can be gained by giving these ideas some thought.

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